Comodo Causing Shutdown Problems?

First I’d like to say Hi Everyone … I’m new to the forum and I apologize for making my first post … a trouble with Comodo? post.

The following is why I am posting.

Warning The following contains it’s share of whining and lots of rambling!

Begin Ramblings—>I have been having problems with my pc pertaining to sleep mode and regular shutdowns.

The pc is a Vista 64BIT home professional.

Sometimes, I will put my pc in sleep mode, sometimes I allow it to sleep automatically.

Sometimes I’ll do a normal power off.

Regardless of How it goes to sleep or when I power off … the monitor will shut off but the pc itself will continue to run and run and run!<–Whine

Nothing I do will bring the monitor back up to see what is going on.<–Whine

I have to do a hard power off (hold down the power button) to shut the pc down.<–Whine

Upon restart I always get a long loading screen ‘until’ the message “Your computer could not start normally, would you like to do a restore”?

After running in restore mode for twenty minuets ‘another’ message comes up which reads:

[b]The exception unknown software (Oxc0000005) exception occurred in the application location OX10011311

click okay to terminate the program[/b]

(In the above … I can’t be sure if those are zeros or letters)

After all this … the pc will finally get to the welcome screen.<—Whine

Now what comes next makes me think that the problem is in my Comodo internet security premium software!

This problem started around the time I installed the Comodo software … weeks ago.

Every time I go through the above steps and terminate the unknown software and return to the desktop … I get the message that my pc might be at risk (Comodo message) and I have to update the Signature base. Everytime!<–Whine

Could that above unknown software be part of the Comodo software which in turn causes the problem?

If so … Maybe I should deactivate Comodo ‘because’ … All I am doing is reloading the problematic unknown software (Signature definitions)?

Not sure what version of the suite I have but it is up to date.

The problem doesn’t happen All the time but enough that I want to Whine a lot about it!

Any ideas would be MUCH appreciated!/<–Whine /Rambling

Please disable all Comodo modules. Then restart your computer.

Please see if the issues continue with Comodo disabled. If so then we know what to concentrate on. If not then we’ll have to dig deeper.

Thank You for your reply.

The problem is … it doesn’t happen everytime.

There is no way of knowing how many times I would have to keep restarting the pc from sleep mode or from a normal shutdown.

How often does it do this? Just a rough percentage.

Also, does it seem like there may be some sort of link between those times, such as it usually happens after an update, or after playing a game, etc…?

The error shows up in various circumstances when doing a search with Google. One tip I saw was to run system file checker to check the integrity of your Windows installation.

May be also this topic may serve as a starting point where to look for more clues.