Comodo causing screen to scramble after watching video

After watching a video or two in Comodo, when I close out of the video the screen scrambles (lines across horizontally) and basically locks up the computer yet I did get to the resource meter that said it was only using 43% of memory, but it always seems to say that.
Video site:
The only way to resolve the problem is to shut down the computer and reboot.
Am using latest Comodo and Win 8.

Many years ago I had similar problems in Opera which turned out to be memory leaks and GPU related.

Am going to try in Chromium and see if it does it there.

This topic was locked, I am guessing that was done in error.

A follow up to the screen problems, am using the current Chrome browser and watched four movies and no problems.

Further Comodo concern was the 3 second lag time when I hit the browser close button till the time the browser actually closed, again no such problems in the standard Chrome, Chromium, Opera or Firefox.

Are the problems you’re having only with the site you’ve linked or there any others, as that site needs registration. As far as shutting down the browser is concerned, it closes instantly here. Is there any further information you can provide? Any plug-ins/extensions? Are you using Comodo DNS?

This is the only site that I can say does this.
They ask for registration but it is not required.
As far as the closeout delay, that happens all the time regardless of the site but the other problem with lockup and screen fragmenting only happens at the video site with the Comodo browser, all others work fine.

I never had any of these problems under Win 7 either, only with Win 8.