COMODO causing a LP5 error in another application

I hate that this is my first post on this forum (asking for help), but I am stumped. I have read through a few tutorials/guides and non have seemed to help me. I do have an idea for a solution, I just don’t know how to go about doing it.

First the problem.

I just did a complete reformat of my pc, ran several spyware/malware programs and installed a game called Rappelz.

I had COMODO up the entire time during installation and the first running of the game. The game installed and actually played flawlessly. So I decided to restart my computer. Now, I receive a LP5 unpacking error due to COMODO. I’m not quite sure what happens during restart, but I do have an idea how to repair/fix it.

For some reasons, whenever comodo blocks a certain *.tmp file the bottom left corner status, will change to the color RED and say “Systems are deactivated” or something like that. When that happens, I am able to play Rappelz perfectly. My question is: Is there way for me to disable all the services (I’ve tried Right clicking on the firewall icon > Firewall Security Level and set to disable) but it didn’t work.

p.s. Please do not link to the “register fix, or spyware running tutorials” I have done that many times and have narrowed it down to CIS…

Thanks for your help and time.

I’ve tried adding all relevant programs to “Trusted applications” and it still receives the error.

Quickly searching thru google, it seems like this program is having trouble with different firewalls not only COMODO.

Hi, captain-america
Disabling Defense+ would more likely fix your problem.
More secure way is to set Defense+ in training mode, restart the system, run the game, make some usual actions in it - (save\load\configuration change) and then turn your Defense+ security level back to Clean PC or Safe mode.

If the game is creating .tmp files on startup, you may need to allow all .tmp files in the directory where they are created. The .tmp files would not be the same and would be not recognized by CIS so it would inspect them and prevent the working of the game. A properly designed game should be able to tolerate this, but some will not. You would have to use the Defense+ “Computer Security Policy” page. There, with no other entries highlighted, click Add and then Select and choose Browse. Locate the file’s directory (the .tmp file) and select a file in it. Then click on the “Application Path” box and delete the file name you chose, leaving the directory path. Then type in *.tmp after the path (no spaces). Then click on the “Use a Predefined Policy” button and choose “Trusted Application” on the drop-down. That should help, assuming that the .tmp file does not connect to the internet.