Comodo causes Patch for CPU game World of Warplanes to fail.

I open the launcher to install the new patches. it downloads everything fine. then when it attempts to install itself it says fatal error. i started by disabling the HIPS and BB since I saw stuff regarding WOWP on the logs. that didn’t work. So I disabled all protection for 15 minutes. it made progress but took longer than 15 minutes so when protection turned itself back on it came up with same error. So I disabled for 60 minutes. seems to have fixed the problem.

Do you guys have an explanation to why this occurred.

I don’t know for certain myself and since you haven’t posted what configuration you have I can’t know for sure. But I can always speculate =) You say you see things regarding the game in the logs, what does it say it is trying to do? Since it’s a patch it will probably have files unknown to comodo so hence HIPS/BB could block/restrict them. Another thing could be if the patcher itself doesn’t have privilege to perform the actions due to a HIPS profile etc.
Like I said, just some speculation, I’ll let the people who actually know what they are talking about have their say now =)

The program that install the updates most likely needs to have the Installer/Upater policy for successfully updating the game.