Comodo causes my Hard Drive to constantly be accessed

I like Comodo Firewall a lot. Very low CPU and resource usage.

Here’s my problem, I noticed that for some reason my harddrive was constantly being accessed. Not constantly in the sense of all of the time, but more like a heartbeat. So it is like:


The time between each spin is probably about 1-1.5 seconds.

I have done all of the checking I need to in order to know it is Comodo. I uninstalled, watched the hard drive, it was fine. I reinstalled, and it is back.

So, what is the deal? I don’t run any constant internet access programs except Gmail notifier. When my internet connection was enabled without Comodo there was no Harddrive access.

Oh yeah…I am running a Lenovo T60 with 1GB of RAM and 2.0Ghz Core 2 Duo Processor.

Any suggestions. I am close to ditching it.

Thanks so much!

Welcome Blammer,

I had an experience about your problem. You may want to check this:,6044.msg


That was it. Awesome. You know, I am really surprised this issue hasn’t been fixed. What an unnecessary drain IMOP.

Thanks again. I was REALLY hoping I wasn’t going to have to change firewalls.

Take care.

I’m sure Comodo will find a fix. I filed my ticket on some time ago, and part of it was about logging causing high cpf.exe cpu usage.

You are welcome Blammer.

I am very hopeful about CFP 3. I think we will find great improvement.