Comodo causes inability to browse network places

amd64 cpu, 32 bit, xp sp3, latest cis, nod32, admin acct, default modes, installed cis unable to browse network places, replaced with zonealarm no problem.

note: configured stealth port does not help. already have netbios. Can access //computername but can’t browse, some computers don’t appear.

Have you reconfigured the access for svchost.exe? If so, this could be caused by the svchost.exe bug I mentioned in the other thread. Try to add two rules, which allows the following (for svchost.exe):

  1. IP, IN, Source: Your network zone, Destination: all
  2. IP, OUT, Source: all, Destination: Your network zone
    (add them on top of the existing rules and try again to browse network locations)

In either case you should check your firewall log of Comodo.