COMODO causes huge install drivers problem


I am going crazy!!!. I spent almost 2 days trying to fix this problem with no success!!!
All begun when I first tryed to install Comodo firewall without closing all processes via task manager.
My toshiba satellite froze, and after rebooting windows blue screen started to pop!! The only thing left to do was to manualy delete all installed files in safe mode. I “succeded” and everythig seemed to be just fine until first windows update. It offered an update for nVidia GeForce 8600 GTS driver, many updates for Windows, and NEW DRIVER FOR REALTEK ETHERNET NIC! Only REALTEK update was not successful! Later I found out that no other network device driver, exept for toshiba 56k modem, can be installed!! I HAVE NO FAST INTERNET CONNECTION, ONLY THIS ****TY 56k!
Could this all be due to Comodo Firewall Miniport leftovers, and how to remove them!? I tryed to install Comodo again and uninstall it with no success, they are undeletable!

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When installing anything put Comodo into install mode first. I update and install my Nvidia drivers all the time with no issues. Read here.

To completely remove Comodo see here.

I already tryed tutorial “how to remove it completely”, but this miniports are still there :THNK

Did you run the batch file?

this comodo programer guys should realise some software that would remove this creepy firewall completely!!

yes I did, it removed everything it found, but miniports are there!

Take a look at;msg170728#msg170728 for a rather complicated miniport removal procedure. Don’t know when Comodo might fix this bug, but you can also try reininstalling Comodo normally and then uninstalling again from safe mode.

thanks guys, if somebody gets any other idea please help :-TU

I managed to remove all miniports, but it didn’t solve the problem. I’m going to reinstall my Vista, it is obviously the only solution.
Deleting miniports is really pain in the ■■■.
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root\NT_INSPECTMP contain information that is to be deleted, and after that unknown devices in device manager are completely deletable. I spend almost 25 mins dealing with permissions that are completely ■■■■■■■ up!!!
Thanks guys very much!!