comodo cant updating in my new computer....HELP ME please

is there an administrator here who can help my problem please?..
After I finished installing commodo antivirus free edition and I updating the virus data but I’ve waited a long time and the update process its stuck at 30% but its keep ruuning :-\ :’(…i think its been take a hole day to update the virus database…i take it turn on my internet for the process update and i go to campuss…but when i arrived back and i check if its ok… ??? :frowning: >:( the proccess its still stuck at 30% and the status in Summary in virus defense is never update …Please help me to resolve my problem…because its my first antivirus on my new computer… :-TU :-TU :-TUi really like this antivirus and i hope that not dissapointed me …(sorry my english just a litlle bit)

Hi Dave boyz

At this time there is a problem with the virus base, so do not try to update.

See at:


After installing CIS it has to pick 104 MB worth of AV signature updates. During this process the indicator will stay at 30%. Depending on your connection that can (quite a) while. To keep an eye on the download open CIS → Firewall → Common Tasks → View Active Connections and keep an eye on cmdagent.exe.

Patience is the most likely cure here.

Even i am facing the same problem as mentioned in the first post (stops at 30%).
As per the suggestion i opened “CIS → Firewall → Common Tasks → View Active Connections and keep an eye on cmdagent.exe” it shows how much MB it has downloaded so far and i see another process as “cfpupdat.exe” downloading few more MB’s…

Is this the case that happens during every update?? or do i need to download the cav file manually every time?
Does it download 101MB of cav file every time when i update?

ps: I have recently installed comodo, not sure how it works. Hoping to be helpful and protect my PC from Viruses.