Comodo cant connect to internet


I have the problem that Comodo can not connect to Internet to check for updates. Error message is: “Error 106: Update could not be completed.Not able to connect to internet, check the internet connection settings”.
I dont know what else to check…I am behind a router , where 2 machines are connected. PC with WindowsXP connets to Router with LAN cable. But on this PC Comode can connect to Internet. The notebook with Windows7 can connect to internet via router both wired and wireless…but on this notebook Comodo finds no Internet conncetion???

What could be wrong?
Earlier I installed and deinstalled Comodo some times while doing some tests…maybe there went something wrong? Maybe in the regisrty?

please help

CIS version is 3.13.12xxxx

Have you tried updating to the latest version 3.14.130099.587

This may fail if your version is earlier than CIS 3.13.126709.581


my version is not earlier that this one, it is this one.
Even without router there is no connection but everything else is getting connecten besides Comodo???

Can IE connect to the internet as the updater takes it settings from IE

Is it possible other security software you have install is stopping the connection.

Also please read here for other reasons for Error 106


I am having exactly the same problem.

Two computers behind a router, both running XP and one had comodo installed months back. Updated it yesterday to newest version mentioned in this thread. It connected eventually and has finally updated the virus database. Older computer might have a virus so I installed comodo yesterday and it just wont connect to internet to update database. It keeps asking me to check internet connections.
My internet is working - as I am sending this to you. I am using firefox rather than internet explorer (IE is also working - just tried it and not set to work offline)

Is it possible I have told comodo firewall to block the comodo virus database update? I have checked the firewall events log and I have only blocked two items and neither looks like CFP or svchost.exe.

Maybe your servers are down? I have tried over the last 12 hours and will try again later.


What version of CIS are you running?

I am using CIS 3.14.130099.587

and pretty sure I have removed the virus that started this all off

Is the other computer also running the 3.14.130099.387?

Make sure under that the rule for CIS under Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Application Rules is set to Outgoing Only.