comodo can't block keylogging

if you install refog keylogger and if you block only keylogging REFOG will log it anyway

as i remember this problem exists in every version of comodo

can somebody confirm this?

If you set the behavior blocker (sandbox) to untrusted I think it can block keyloggers

it is not about sandbox (i am turning off sandbox usually) it is about HIPS…

for example when i am blocking access to monitor then keylogger can’t log the screen but when i am blocking access to keyboard it logs keystokes anyway

p.s. program is asking for permission to access the keyboard and i am blocking that request right? then why it can access keyboard anyway?

It still will not transmit any data as firewall will block it.

True, however that is beyond the point. If HIPS notifies about keyboard access and user says to block it, then that should apply, in this case it seems like it does not for gluidori4e.

Edit: However I have not tested it myself as I currently do not have a back-up image of my test laptop.

This is worrying. Perhaps it detected it as an installer and trusted the installed files? Does it use a driver to do the logging which some how is not noticed by Comodo?