Comodo cann't be installed with Mcafee?

I have a laptop with vista64 and protected with mcafee8.5.I want to install comodo as firewall.
I downloaded comodo V3.But when I installed comodo ,Mcafee report that it found virus and terminated the install process.
So, I changed my system to XP,but the error still appeared.
How can I solve this problem?

This is normal and not a bug. Your virus scanner is picking up on the toolbar packaged with Comodo. There are other posts about this in the help section. Please disable McAfee while installing Comodo. You do not have to install the optional toolbar.

Hi,thanks for your help.
I had installed comodo V3.But when I reboot my OS,a dialog box appeared that windows explorer will be shutdown and reboot.So I have to reboot my OS to safemode,uninstall comodo.

err it’s been a while since i installed CFP, but i remember that installing requires a reboot. why do you wnat to uninstall comodo? ???

Disable all your Internet Security before installing CFP3 (:WIN)

Just to clear this up… This is McAfee Anti Virus only correct? And not McAfee Security Suite which has a firewall (not a good one) built in. (:WAV)

McAfee enterprise cooperate edition has a firewall. There was another post about this.