Comodo canibalizing window

Well first the little story then the feedback I can give

My brother computer had a virus and he rendered it unbootable trying to fix it.
Re-installed windows … but then he got-re infected by using msn file in the old program files
Used installed comodo … had to figth for the virus to not block it… everything ended up about rigth.
Until next windows update…

Comodo started to flag notepad, explorer.exe, logonui.exe as infected.
When explorer.exe was cleaned… no more icons
When logonui was cleaned … no more ctrl-alt-del
After reboot… wite mouse on black screen

So my suggestion goes as follow:

  1. Have a list of files that cannot be automaticly cleaned.

Real virus or false positive… it’s probably better to not handle those file like the rest
Especially the windows system files.

  1. Have a restore option for windows system files

Ie: an infected logonui.exe should only be cleaned by replacing by a signed microsoft version of the file.
Either from the sfc backup or a comodo one.

  1. Have some way to install Comodo from safe mode (IE not using windows installer service)

Do you have set the AV heuristics to high?