Comodo Can not Start - And I can not uninstall to reinstall.

Comodo can not restart.

I can not uninstall Comodo. Anytime I try to uninstall, it gives "you have to restart for the installation to complete. I restart. And can not uninstall. Same goes over and over again.

How can I uninstall Comodo with a tool? Or remove it - So I can reinstall.

Take a look at this thread: Comodo Forum

Now, I won’t open a new thread about new version not working and I can not uninstall to install the new one.

I tried everything in your link - it did not work. Comodo should find a solution. The uninstaller did not work. Comodo should make a new official and updated installer - almost every antivirus etc. out there has it.

I won’t be giving advices here over and over again - but this is the second time Comodo’s update did not launch on my Window 8, I was unable to uninstall again, and my computer messed up and now this is the second time I reinstalled Windows. It took me more than 2 hours to re-install windows and setup software etc.

I won’t complain a lot - Comodo was my favorite firewall, and it is free, I won’t be complaining a lot, you guys do a great work.

But some moderators should pass this information to Comodo to make updates tested on all platforms, and in any case if it does not work for some, they should have an official uninstaller tool.

OK - now I am reverting back to Zone Alarm Pro, that I was using before comodo 4-5 years ago.

I was satisfied with the firewall — but the second Windows re-install was an enough reason.

I don’t think moderators have any more contact with the developers than us users here on the forum.

Did you run those in safe mode, as I recommended? The reason I ask that is because I have seen multiple situations, which sound very similar to yours, where running those uninstallers in Safe Mode were able to solve the problem.


No - safe mode did not make the uninstaller work too. I am now on Zone Alarm and will not complain about Comodo, they provided for free at least - however, Avast, AVG, Zone Alarm nowadays there are many security productos for free. Comodo should find solutions quickly and provide an official uninstaller not to lose loyal users like me.



OK. The problem is solved. I write here so Moderators, helpers here know it too and help other people. Or people can find this.

After the above problem I have been using Zone Alarm - but it had some known bugs that appeared in me too. These are - I can not copy/paste from Firefox etc.

I uninstalled it and reinstall Comodo again.

And - yes. The same problem happened again. After I installed it, it asked me to restart Windows. I restarted by shutting down Windows 8 from the shut down button of laptop and opening - Again the same notification. Again and again. Restart Windows for Comodo.

This time I attempted another thing. From Windows 8 I selected “restart” and it took more to shutdown Windows 8, and took more time to launch Windows 8. And - now the Comodo was installed.

I am not sure what the problem was. When I shutdown Windows 8 - it is not hibernate. Windows 8 launches fresh. And it did not matter until last month of Comodo update install.

Then last month after starting and shutting down Windows 8 several times from shutdown button of Windows 8 - it did not solve the notification of Comodo to restart Windows for uninstall.

I even restarted from Safe Mode. (understand from this - this was not related to hibernate) and Restarted from shutdown button of laptop and restarted same notification.

And then - I had to reinstall Windows 8 to get rid of this problem. (Now I see I did not need that. See below. But - experience)

Now after having problem with Zone Alarm, I reinstalled Comodo. This time I had the same notification over and over again. And - as I mentioned above I tried “restart” of Windows 8 interface instead of “shotdown” button of Laptop. And everything is OK now.

The issue is - may be it is very well known in Windows 8 geeks - but shutting down did not do anything for completing uninstall or reinstall of Comodo. But interface “restart” of Windows 8 did it.

I am not sure what this feature of this Windows 8 is. In the power options it says laptop shutdown button is for really for shutting down. And when it restarts - everyhting restarts fresh in Windows.

But when I select “restart” from Windows it takes more time to shutdown and restart and helped Comodo to install. But - in the past this restart didn’t need to be done. Shutting down from Laptop button helped the issue. Now I had to restart from Windows menu.

OK - the problem is solved. May be it is easy for those of you who know quick shutting down and restarting feature of Windows 8 (I am still not sure what the difference is) but those who do not know - this can be the issue of inability to uninstall - reinstall.

DebianMr is ABSOLUTELY correct! I’m not using Win8, but Win7 64 Enterprise. I worked for at least 5 hrs… count’em FIVE! trying to install your STUPID Comodo products! NONE of the installers work. I finally went to GeekBuddy, since that’s the service you were trying to cram down our throats, but weren’t customer savvy enough to even let us use it to see if we’d like to buy it. I spoke to some idiot named Anthony that reminded me of the Discover Card commercials, where all they can say is “Would you like to try our promo?” He gave me absolutely NO helpful info, or empathy for my situation.

So, I was never able to uninstall Comodo Internet Services. It would get about 75% done, then rollback the uninstall saying there was some stupid error, but it never would tell me the error. More frustratingly, not even Comodo Prog Uninstaller could uninstall it.

I couldn’t even get CAV, or CFW to install. I finally figured out that you could supposedly opt out of GeekBuddy, and some other trash you’re trying to sell. Then, the CAV, or CFW installer would SEEMINGLY install. However, when I would go to my Action dialogue in Windows to switch between Windows FW, and Comodo, and the Anti-virus apps it would NEVER accept my changes.

I THOUGHT I’d found a decent Security suite that I could recommend to my company, but you SUCK!

Unklebuck, did you try


Did you also try to run the clean up tool in Safe Mode?

Unklebuck - Actually Comodo is excellent. The only missing thing is uninstaller in case of failure. That happened to me in the past. But in the last time it was because of Windows 8 - I learnt that windows 8 does not shut down and start as normal. It is fast but if you install software you should “restart” instead of “shutdown” and “start”.


I tried BOTH Shutdown, and Restart more times than I can count. I was dizzy by the time I went to bed after 5 hours of wrestling with it. Here’s the deeper issue in my eyes. While I appreciate your defense, and I have another PC that runs all of the FREE Comodo products just fine, except it’s in the shop right now because my PS blew up Friday night. Nevertheless, my point is since Comodo ■■■■■■■ up the installers by implementing some stupid sales ploy trying to sell us something, THEY should offer FREE GeekBuddy service for those that had problems. Instead, Anthony basically just hung up in my face. And LITERALLY, he acted EXACTLY like the Discovery Card commercials. Mind you, that was my last resort after going in circles over and over again. the other issue is why couldn’t Comodo’s own UNinstaller do the job of uninstalling? I mean, aren’t all the products kind of integrated that way? Are all these questions, and/or suppositions THAT unreasonable?

Did you already try reinstalling it by following the advice I give in this topic? If not please do and let me know how it goes.