Comodo cache cleaner.

I have noticed in the task manager a cache cleaner that runs by itself. Is this new with comodo internet security 6 or was it always present in the former patches.

It’ new.

I’d like to know how this Cache Cleaner/Builder works. Because apparently its using a different approach.

avast! for example builds the cache on the fly, while doing on-demand scanning or when scanning files with real-time module. Transient cache keeps AV from scanning same accessed file over and over if it hasn’t changed or there wasn’t any definitions update where permanent cache excludes whitelisted and system files.

Comodo uses some strange system that seems to constantly be doing something with the disk and i don’t exactly like or get the idea. Performance is better than in CIS5 but at what cost?

It uses SQLite db for persistent caching (take a look into %AllUsersAppData%\Comodo\Firewall Pro for a selfexplaining filenames)
If U wanna some contemporary technology then use Kaspersky which uses NTFS Alternate Data Streams

I was more asking about the way how it works (how it caches stuff and how it behaves during caching, parsing stage) rather than what are the means of caching (SQL databases).

I would also like to no about how this works. It seems that CIS6 is continually writing to disc (seems about 8KB per second which would tie in with data row limits). The file cisboost.sdb-wal is constantly updated so is obviously the file storing the cache.
Just a quick explantion as to why it`s constantly writing (even when doing nothing) would be nice :slight_smile:


cache stored in cisboost.sdb while .sdb-wal is a kind of transaction/checkpoits log so it WILL b constantly writen just to b sure that U’ll have the most recent DB data in case of crash. It’s absolutely standard DB-server behaviour because of very complex (especially in comparison with a some formats like “plain text” or “binary stream” of NTFS ADS) internal structures of DBs. And SQLite runtime is a kind of server too (but without multilocks, sharing etc. etc.).

So these writes is a payment for storage format choosed by Comodo devels.

They can to calls sql runtime funcs in a some unsafe way without checkpointing. Bbut in this case an entire “boost” data can b ruined in case of OS crash. They just made their own choice (and did one more step to bloatware ;))

thought so. thanks for the answer. And what does the Cache Builder do.