COMODO Cache Builder Problem

I’ve been monitoring Comodo’s Scheduled Tasks and find that one appears never to work. Below is the information of the task an d the result.

Task Name
COMODO Cache Builder {0FB77674-7905-4F34-A362-C5A9A26F8CF9}

“C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfpconfg.exe” --launchSchedule {0FB77674-7905-4F34-A362-C5A9A26F8CF9}

Last Run Result
The system cannot find the file specified. 0x80070002

Is there a fix for this? Thanks. -SA Jack

Where do you see it?

In comodo V6 task window is nothing if nothing is running.
When i do an update, it says, update.
After the update, there is a “cache cleaner” process running.
Then its empty again.

SA Jack is referring to Windows Scheduled Tasks that’s where tasks get started from.

Can you check that cfpconfig.exe exists in the main folder of your CIS installation? When it is not there please run Diagnostics and see if that can fix it.

Hi EricJH:
Thanks for the prompt response.

The cfpconfg.exe does exist within Comodo’s main folder.

I should add that I checked Task Scheduler several times to verify whether this was a one-time or ongoing problem. I’ve had the same result on at least three checks.

Can you try running diagnostics? Are you running v6?

Hi EricJH:
I am running Version 6. I also ran the Diagnostics a short time ago, and it found no problems. I do have a copy of the XML report if you think it would be of help to you. -SA Jack

Happy New Year All:
Hope you’ve not given up on my problem regarding the Scheduled Task involving the Cache Builder not working. What is the name of the file specified in the result message and where is the file supposed to be? If it’s not there, shouldn’t this be picked up by the diagnostic utility. Or what if I change the extension of cfpconfg.exe (.old) and then run the diagnostics and see if a new copy of the .exe is downloaded to my PC? I’ve run full scans and a custom scan (C:) and the scan times take several hours. Scan time in CIS 5.12 generally took 20-25 minutes.

Thanks for any help you can provide regarding this problem. -SA Jack