Comodo Boclean will be available for Free very soon.

Hi Everyone

We will make available Comodo BOClean for free very soon. (in few days).

We are very excited to bring you such a world class, high security product for free.

thank you


Oh, you torture us poor users Melih! ;D
As soon as it sees the light of day, i’ll install!

Now all I gotta do is figure out how many a “few” is. :THNK


Definitions of few on the Web:
  • an indefinite but relatively small number; “they bought a case of ■■■■ and drank a few”
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Oh, i noticed a new forum section “Comodo BOClean”.
Now that i think of it, that has nothing to do with it. I just checked Show unread posts since last visit… :smiley:

“they bought a case of ■■■■ and drank a few”

That definition of “few” could turn into “quite a few”, which could in turn lead to me being passed out when Comodo BOClean is released. :■■■■


Where did you find that link?

Soya’s tricks!

But let us not distract from the topic, Melih is torturing us! I want my money back for sure!

Got it lol, never noticed it before…

Can’t believe Soy found something I didn’t notice before >:(…

I’m not familar with Boclean at all. Will I still need to use my antivirus? Just curious.

Yes, because BOC does not scan your system like a traditional blacklist anti-virus to remove them. It detects and prevents malware before they can execute. Please correct me if I’m wrong :-.

Internet trojan horse programs, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, pseudorootkits, hijackers, adware, annoyware, email relays, spam proxies, spam relays, scam downloads and email/spam robots ("bots")

Complements the AV in real time. To check a file, you must drag it to the GUI. Other than that, i recall reading that it does not scan.

Good read also:

As time went on, "stealth" methods became very popular among the various malcontents and since antiviruses were based on simple file pattern matching or at best "heuristics" and "unpacking engines," they improved somewhat but still were easily gotten around at the file detection level as a result of many obscuring techniques. However, when bad stuff actually went to run, it had to be resolved in memory to that which could actually run. We designed BOClean to catch whatever got past "active guards" and other techniques of the antiviruses after the antivirus/scanner programs already had their chance and let it run anyway.
by Kevin McAleavey,

(Soya, i gave this link before 88))

BOClean is an extra protection layer, it is not a replacement for antivirus software. BOClean scans executed file for any malware using its large malware database and if it detects malware being executed it will stop it instantly.

BOClean is another layer, that checks any executable just before it executes to see if its malware or not.


I haven’t been this excited for something to come out since the GTA IV trailer came to the 24 hour mark till it premered. (:TNG)

Great to see that the BOC forum has now been started. I was pleasantly surprised to see it here today. Surprise me again ;D


Thanks for all, Melih!

I will try it for sure… :wink:

I’m new here… Joined primarily due to the BOClean acquistion. I have not been a BOClean user in the past, but found my way to comodo’s site on the very day of Comodo’s purchase when I was attempting to purchase it… and found I couldn’t!! I was :o . Then I discovered on further reading that it would soon be free and that Kevin would still be supporting it… (:CLP)… So now I get it and it’s free :BNC (Note… I don’t usually use so many smileys but I felt this occaision warrants it…

I hope that BOClean remains the power house it was and the increased support allows him to improve it in more and even unexpected ways…

Best of luck to Kevin, BOClean and Comodo…

Thank you for your input and I will be using that when it is released. (B)