Comodo BOClean Install Help [Resolved]

I previousdly installed Boclean a few weeks ago but removed it due to some conflict but today decided I’d download it again.

I went through the process and rebooted but nothing worked. So I removed it again and tried once more. Now it tells me its already installed and in my system tray but its not.

I’ve checked my pc and in the programs file in the Comodo folder is a folder for Boclean when I try to delete it, it says "Cannot delete BOC425.EXE access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use’.

All I want is to install Boclean and have it work can anybody tell me what I can do to remedy this.

Please help

Hi, if you get the message “Cannot delete BOC425.EXE access is denied…” I guess it’s running, but obviously you don’t see it in the tray. Is it possible to open the task manager and end it from there? Have this occurred even though you uninstalled the program?


Did you follow the install and uninstall instructions for your specific OS?

Also, what OS are you using?

Sorry not got back in touch sooner, yes I closed the application in task manager and then downloaded it again and it works perfectly

Thank you for the follow up.
I’ll mark this as resolved and lock it up.