Comodo BOClean Help please

Hello everybody :BNC :BNC :BNC

I just installed boclean install went ok then it went to update the update box appeared saying connecting to comodo check for version updates etc etc: Then it turned pure white the box and froze for about 2-3 minutes then installion said complete all ok.
So i rebooted and when my windows came up the comodo boclean icon has been green for now 1hr solid it`s stuck cant click on it does nothing but just stays green,
So i thought bad install reinstall went to add/remove click on boclean Icon then it said its missing or currupted and do you wish to remove it from the list “” WHAT “” i clicked yes and rebooted and its still running so i went start menu and removed it using the installer in there that installer worked no prob ( thing there is a bug with the add.remove entry though )
installed again same prob update box goes white and the icon stays green all the time
add/remove same thing missing do u wish to remove it from the list

please what can i do to get it to work i even thought it might be kaspersky so i unstalled it !!! same results :THNK :THNK :THNK

windows xp sp2
2gig ram ddr
256mb nvidia 6800 ultra
250 sata hdd
running kis6

  • After updating did you close Comodo BOCleans menu ?

  • Before you uninstall Comodo BOClean you have to Shut Down BOClean first !!! You can do that from the menu.

Greetz, Red.

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