Comodo BOClean Anti-malware

How can ı install only Comodo BOClean Anti-malware and firewall and defense, ı cant install antivirüs module because ı use another active antivuris.

You cant, You need Comodo Antivirus on for BOClean to be active.

hi all.I’m an user of CIS FW+AV and love it.can someone tell me what CAV detects,spyware-adware-malware,or it can catch only viruses? about BOClean:what is its job,I know it is working in background,but I don’t know what is it doing,what is its role?tanks .

CAV’s is made to detect every type of malware, from Spyware, viruses, adware, rootkits, trojans, etc…

As for BOclean Its anti-rootkit and more, you can read more here.

lots of thanks,OmeletGuy,your answer,it edifay,one thing more:I’ve insatalled in my PC lots of securities utilities,such as AD-Aware Spybot-SD,IObit Securities360,Avira Personal and,of course,CIS FW+ CAV,all running in the same many,is it?I please you give me an clearly advise what to do for my best,what I should keep it and which should I delete and why.I know that CAV’s engine its new;could it alone to do its job,or need “help”?thanks for your time spent with me. 88)

Running multiple AntiVirus applications can make a lot of problems.I would recomend you turn off and only use then for ondemand scanning: (if you want you can unistall some of these also)

Avira Personal

[OmeletGuy]I did what you advise me,then I run SuperAntispyware>it find 2 Adware>run CAV>find nothing (?!).if CAV can catch viruses,spyware,adware,why it din’t find nothing?I mention I don’t delete what SuperAntispywre I decided along with CIS,to work with other security your opinion wich it’s best?thanks a lot O0

IIRC, BOClean has been integrated in CIS.and the standalone BOClean development has been stopped.
CIS covers all kinds of malware and it’s decent enough IMO.

no AV can catch 100%. that’s why you need a powerful HIPS (like CIS’ Defense+) & some on demand scanner for backup.

just like the eggman said, how about have CIS for realtime protection & SAS for on demand O0

I’m not sure but i think you have to download antivirus because BOclean gets updates from that. If you can download as standalone then you should do that but i think its connected to CIS now.

i do not know why comodo boclean can destroy my system ,reboot my windows.
before that i use i0bit powercleaner pro.