Comodo BOCLEAN Anti--Malware And AVG Free Antivirus Conflicts?

I am just setting up a new Vista computer for someone and have installed AVG free antivirus, AVG Anti-Spyware, Ad-aware 2007, CCleaner, (waiting for the updated version of the Comodo Firewall Pro to run with Vista) and I was wondering if Comodo BOCLEAN would conflict with the already installed programs?

Thanks for the assistance!

As far as I know BoClean has no conflict with all the programs you said. But you need to ask some users of it becouse I stopped using it for some reason

Hope I could clear a bit out

I’m not aware of any conflicts with these applications.

However, I’m not on Vista, and don’t use any of them except CCleaner (and BOC, of course).


Thanks for the responses! I have downloaded and installed Comodo BOClean Anti-malware on the Vista system and so far, (although it is in the preliminary testing stages) it appears to be okay.
Here’s hoping no problems occur!

if you are running avg-antimalware in realtime, it is possible that there could be a “conflict” from simply having too many programs running together in realtime… windows has limitations on how many programs-programs like BOC, avg-antimalware, your antivirus program, your firewall-can run in realtime…

kevin mcaleavey tried to explain it to me, one time… (kevin mcaleavey is the creator of BOClean)… windows has something like “eight nodes”, eight “slots” for programs like your av, your firewall, and your other similar programs that run in realtime… if you run over the limit, some programs will get booted out of the “slots” that they are using in order to make room for other programs to use the “slots”… then, when a program like BOClean is booted out from the “slots”, it will not function the way that it is suppose to ie it will not flag malware the way that it is supposed to… so, you need to be careful about not having too many programs like BOC and avg-amtimalware running together in realtime…