Comodo BOClean and Win9x


I am still wondering, will there ever be a Comodo BOClean that will install on Win9x? Will Win9x be supported by future stand alone versions of Comodo BOClean? How about Han’s question about continued updates to BOClean 4.22? We have been patiently waiting for answers to these honest questions.

Something else I noticed that I wonder about; The Comodo BOClean 4.23 installer is about 1.4mb compared to the BOClean 4.22 installer which was about 640kb. That must be one hefty wrapper. I wonder what does the 4.23 installer contain that makes it more than double the file size of the 4.22 version of BOClean? Is other software installed other than just BOClean?

I think the installer for version 422 was compressed where 423 is not. win98 is out dated,why do people want to run it? I have an old PC and it has Win98SE on it, I hate to start it up. It’s a fast PC, but every 5 min it crashes. (:AGY)

  1. It works well - I don’t have to upgrade
  2. I don’t want to shell out money to upgrade it, neither hardware nor software
  3. It’s configured exactly the way I want it
  4. It’s a work computer
  5. It’s got quite a few apps on that that are now unavailable or won’t run on WinXP
  6. Nostalgia

Well said NewView (:WIN) I also have the one PC that I use mostly for 3dfx games. It has a Voodoo5 5500AGP and I wont up grade it. Even tho it crashes I like the Voodoo5 for games. (:KWL)