Comodo BOClean 4.27 has been released

Thanks to Kev and the Dev Team ( and finaly also the Web Boys :wink: ). You can download Comodo BOClean 4.27 from here :

Changes in Version 4.27 :

  1. Solved problem in Windows PSAPI routines which caused corrupted memory allocations and “BOClean not responding” errors on “piggy programs.”
  2. Removed erroneous error messages on update failure.
  3. Fixed excluder to ensure “windows services” could be excluded even if not actually running.

Link for manualy downloading the .xvu defenition file is also up :

Greetz, Red.

( Edited. Reason : Added information )

Great and surprising news, thanks.

Edit: I think I downloaded it first XD XD.
No problems for me.

Thanks Red. :slight_smile:

You beat Kev to it!

Not realy, he told me there was a chance it would come out today :wink:

Greetz, Red.

RedNose you realize at Wilders that we posted our posts for BOClean at exactly 10:00AM There forum time.

So let’s see who’s topic get closed/deleted first, huh? ;D

Lol :slight_smile:

But you posted in the wrong section ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Red.


We will see.

I bet yours gets deleted.

Lol :slight_smile:

Now Ronjor closed my topic, moved yours to the right section, and because of a pm of me he edited your download link :o Why not leaving my topic as it is :-\ I have never seen such stupidity on any other forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Red.


I was right :stuck_out_tongue:

No, Ronjor is stupid :frowning: There is a difference :stuck_out_tongue: I already went away from Wilders once, and now I am thinking why the hell should I spill my time there again ???

Greetz, Red.

Hmmmm… lol 88)

Congrats to Kevin and the team (:CLP) on this release of the ever popular BoClean which I’ve been running on my rigs since about 1999.

Question, have continued running 4.25 till now and I’m wondering if I will now need to update to 4.27 since the older version will no longer function properly?

Thanks again for a great product.

Hi planet :slight_smile:

I am surprised 4.25 is still updating :slight_smile: But why don’t you upgrade to 4.27 ??? Kevin told me today that he is very happy with this release, also because he had no complaints so far ;D

Greetz, Red.

He seems to tell you alot of stuff, Red. >:(

Is there something you’re NOT telling us? ;D

Ofcource there is ;D

Greetz, Red.


Doesn’t really bother me lol


Wow. What a bunch of worthless, off-topic posts! I come here hoping to gain some insights into the latest build and what do I find?

You beat Kev to it! Not realy, he told me there was a chance it would come out today let's see who's topic get closed/deleted first you posted in the wrong section Uhhhh... We will see I have never seen such stupidity LOL! No, Ronjor is stupid Hmmmm... lol Is there something you're NOT telling us? Ofcource there is Doesn't really bother me lol

Maybe Johnny Knoxville will show up and add some intelligence to the thread.


Although I have no idea who Johnny Knoxville is, I have to agree with fracTure.

(BTW, Ronjor is doing an excellent job at the Wilders Security Forums !)

Yep, you are right. Other forum parts are more suitable for the posts we made :wink:

Greetz, Red.

is it “madatory” that we upgrade to build 4.27? i am currently running build 4.26 and it hasn’t been causing me any problems, so i am reluctant to change things…

i noticed that the “XVU” files for build 4.27 are showing as “BOC427.XVU” while the “XVU” file that i have is showing as “BOC426.XVU”(?)(i am running build 4.26)… do they have two different “XVU” files, one for each of the two builds? seeing the “BOC427.XVU” files makes me wonder if i need to be running BOC build 4.27, though i am not, as yet, having any problems with updating BOC build 4.26…


p.s. thanks, comodo, for the work that you are doing, adding malware-definitions to BOC’s databases…