Comodo BO Cleaner and Spybot's Resident SD helper

Does Spybot’s Resident SD helper (not teatimer) utility work in a similar way to Comodo’s BO Cleaner? Would Comodo’s BO Cleaner clash with Spybot’s Resident SD helper (not teatimer) utility.


“The second level of protection is Spybot’s “Resident SD helper”, which is also known as “Browser Helper to block bad downloads”, “Spybot’s-SD Resident” and “Resident IE” (depending on which Spybot S&D panel you may be on or how it is identified in the system tray icon). This is an active protection. It is a BHO (Browser Helper Object) that blocks the download of bad (malicious) files. There are three selectable modes that this can operate in: (1) Block all pages silently (2) Display dialog when blocking (3) Ask for blocking confirmation”

(Quoted from Spybot Forum)

Certainly not. The SD Helper looks to be a fancy term when in reality it’s like a host file that blocks bad sites and some ActiveX content, similar to Spywareblaster. It can only benefit from using this Spybot feature. I used to use it for years.