Comodo Blog

Can Comodo create official blog with development news, security related news and other?
Like Melih’s blog but with more Comodo employees…

That would be REALY nice!

Something like Sunbelt Blog -


Other AV companies maintain good blogs.

… and many others


Melih drops development hints left and right. I guess it would be nice to have them in one big blog.


Yeah Comodo Blog would be really informative and useful! :-TU
Its not that hard to make anyway…


yes, I think this is a good idea, Melih personal blog could be placed in the bigger comodo blog. He can have his own place on the company blog, like he has here his own corner. +1

a blog of this nature is a good idea…

i will discuss it internally to see what sort of content we could put there.


I like very much. Each dev involved in a particular area of development get a turn to post in that blog.
It got a friendly and informal format but at the same time it provides info about future developments.


Content ideas: Maybe a dev from each team could post there every so often, say how the product they’re working is coming along, suggest articles that people may want to read, etc.



Either this or an email response attached to wish list for those of us waiting with bated breath for development information.

For example, I am sure there are others waiting for a secure vault for passwords, product registrations, serial numbers, etc… Although these are available, it is the trust in the source of the product that counts. If you don’t know the developer, how do you know that if the product is ‘checking for updates’, it may also be sending additional information back home?

It is Comodo’s fault - if they didn’t have such good products, users wouldn’t be so keen. ;D

I enjoy reading blogs and seeing what AM companies get up to :slight_smile:





+1 :smiley:


And I’ve seen another security blog. < In Korean only

The blog written by “The safest anti-virus in the word with 50% market share in Asia and English-speaking countries in stages during the first half of the year in step with its global brand strategy”

Oh Really !? :-\

I really like this idea.


+1 for a blog