Comodo blocks webcam

Hi everybody, I have just reinstalled windows and can’t have my webcam (creative VF0250) working. Tried everythig until I guessed wether it might be Comodo blocking my webcam, uninstalled Comodo and found out everything worked fine.

Since I find Comodo Internet Security a good product, I wouldn’t like to change to another program. What can I do?

Thanks in advance

hmm I use creative webcam aswell, everytime I tried to start it I get a bluescreen… what happens for you? I am gonna try my webcam again without Comodo once to check if it works then, (:NRD)

Is Defense+ set on “Clean PC Mode?” You should even try “Training Mode” for a while and then bring it back to a higher setting after everything “settles down,” i.e. Defense+ will go crazy on a new system with Safe Mode on, for example.

Hi, thank you for your advices. I set defence+ in training mode and plugged in the webcam, it worked! I thought it had learned and set defence+ back in clean pc mode, the webcam kept working :slight_smile: .

But the next time I plugged in the webcam it didn’t work, even with defence+ set in training mode. Now I’m trying to have a look at defence+ settings, but I don’t find any reference to devices, just programs. Don’t know what to do now, I’m quite desperate. :frowning:

I’m not sure beyond that. Does the creative webcam have some sort of setup log? You should see what errors are coming up there. Also, you should check the defense+ logs, too.