Comodo blocks trusted applications

When I open Comodo there’s a message that “The Defense+ has blocked … suspicious attempts” (pic 1). When I open the Defense+ Events there’s Samsung\EasySpeed…exe that is blocked every few seconds (pic 2) even though I added it as a trusted application (pic 3).
Can somebody help me?


The third screenshot you have is from the firewall component of CIS. But I don’t think it would have any effect even if you marked EasySpeedUpManager.exe as trusted from Defense+. That is because, by default, Comodo’s own files are protected from tampering.

I don’t know why EasySpeedUpManager.exe is trying to access the memory of cfp.exe, but it should be nothing to worry about. I too have some software that are regularly trying to interact with Comodo’s files. Examples include Logitech’s mouse and keyboard software, antispyware programs etc.

One workaround is to allow EasySpeedUpManager.exe access to Comodo files. But securitywise I don’t think it’s such a good idea. Here’s how to do it anyway:

Go to DEFENSE+ → Advanced → Computer Security Policy → find a group called Comodo Internet Security → doubleclick it

→ Use custom policy should be checked → open Protection Settings → next to Interprocess Memory Access is a button called Modify → click it → add EasySpeedUpManager.exe as an exception there. Now the log should quiet down.

I can see that you’re running both the firewall and Defense+ in Training mode. From what I gather that means CIS learns (allows) the actions of all programs that are run, even malware. Maybe it’s better to change them to for example Clean PC Mode for Defense+ and to Safe mode for the Firewall.

Hope my ramblings are of some help to you :wink:

Thank you very much for your answer!! It wasn’t rambly, it was just perfect for techtards like me :wink:

Well, when you say it’s not a good idea securitywise I’ll leave it as it is.
Yeah, the security level… I switched to Training mode because I thought it would stop blocking this program and totally forgot to switch back. So, thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

Hi Jasmin,

It may also be a good idea to sort out the “Pending files” you have.First of “Purge” which should remove quite a few then you can look up/submit them.If you can see that there ok it is allright to remove them(this only removes them from the list not your computer)
If you don`t want to deal with pending files in the future switch Defence+ to “Safe Mode” where you not accumalate any


Done and switched to Safe Mode. Thank you!! :slight_smile: