comodo blocks the utorrent pages


when i go to the official pages of utorrent, when i clic to the download link, the donwload doesnt even begin and an internet page of comodo is displayed and tells to contact the system administrator.
why does it block the navigation? is it the firewall or the antivirus part? and how can i continue the download process?


from this page
there is a download link:

and the strange thing is that even if I disable the firewall or the antivirus parts i still have this message in place of the original page

(its in french but it means "the page is blocked by comodo internet security premium… contact your system administrator)

the url in the adress bar is:

ok i’ve tryed to disable the website filter module of the firewall and know i have not the message no more (what i wanted) BUT a box opens to choose the destination to save the file, the download starts but 0 octet is downloaded and so the progress bar never finish… it goes on until i cancel it.

3 new questions:
Why when i disabled the firewall hours ago, it has continued to filter the page?
why this page is filtered? (see above post)
what to do to let the download happens.

(with all this i see that it is a firewall problem and not an antivirus one. so is it possible to move this topic to the firewall section?)

delete this topic please i write it again in the correct section

I will lock this topic. Next time ask us to move it rather than creating multiple topics.