comodo blocks other pcs in my network

Hi, comodo is blocking the other pcs in my network (c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe) thru svchost.exe and blocking the ip address of my isp. Ive added the other pc’s ip adresses to the network zone but they keep coming up blocked in ‘firewall events’. (:AGY) This is the third time ive installed/uninstalled CIS in order to sort it but to no avail.
I had things sorted once were the network pcs could access each other and the net but comodo doesnt seem to retain the settings.

Also, when online playing Call of duty 4 on them, CIS causes a bad conflict with my broadband modem causing it to drop its usb port settings, hence my connection nukes itself.

CIS is a great firewall suite and Id like to continue using it but in order to get the other pc’s online I have to turn the firewall OFF. Im 99% sure it must be something im doing wrong so any help would be very much appreciated.

Cheers and thanx in advance

You will need to tell us what configuration your system has - how are the computers connected; do you use ICS; modem is connected to which computer; what addresses are you assigning to the computers in the network (preferably include the ipconfig /all report from the DOS command line). You might also want to look at the thread about ICS near this one and maybe search the forum for related stuff. There is a link in the ICS thread to the info on setting up an ICS rule set, but you may also have to include special rules for your game to work properly - there is another tutorial on that somewhere in the tutorials.