COMODO Blocks MySQL connections by default?

Hello. I’ve searched the forums looking for help with MYSQL but I could not find any so I decided to make a thread.

Well, I run a server and I was being “bombed” by some folks. I was refered to a forum thread which included instructions on how to stop the bomb and also included a link to COMODO free firewall software.

I just wanna say the software is great and I appreciate there is such software for those who cannot afford expensive firewalls.

I’m glad there is a forum and hopefully I can obtain some help with my problem.

On my webpage there is a “Create Account” link. When users enter the link, they see a page asking them for their Account, Password and email address. Once they submit the information and click okay, the webpage sends a query to MySQL which is hosted in my computer (localhost) and the data is saved in my “users” database.

All this was gravy until I installed COMODO. Now I assume comodo is either rejecting the IP of my host or the port is closed. If this is the problem how will I be able to address it and find a solution? If it isn’t the problem, what could it be?

As long as COMODO is running users cannot:

Manage their account which is stored in MySQL database hosted in my home computer (localhost).
View their account info stored in MySQL database hosted in my home computer (localhost).
Create an account and store information in MySQL database hosted in my home computer (localhost).

Here is the error message I am getting:

Warning: mysql_pconnect() [function.mysql-pconnect]: Lost connection to MySQL server during query in /home/jonstu/public_html/ranking/setup.php on line 7

Fatal error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query in /home/jonstu/public_html/ranking/setup.php on line 7

Thank you.

For MYSQL I think you need to allow access through Port 3306.

I think you will need to create a Global Rule in Network Security Policy to allow TCP for port 3306. Not sure if you will need to create a rule for MYSQL to allow the same port.

If you look in firewall logs you might get an idea of what traffic is being blocked on port 3306 and you can create an allow rule based on what you see. Sorry I cant add more detail but I don’t use MYSQL. If you get stuck please post a screenshot of your firewall logs here including any entires for port 3306 and we will see about creating the required rules.



I set the global rule to accept TCP for port 3306 IN/OUT but still no luck :frowning:


So you have your webserver & mysql in the same machine?

I just solve my problem with MySql & COMODO, I hope it can help you figure out your problem.

I installed MySQL server on my PC, it can be accessed from the machine using MYSQL command line; however it can’t be accessed from the other PC.

First I define Mysqld-NT.exe as a trusted application in BOTH FIREWALL & DEFENSE+ section you can do it from the Network Security Policy (Advance Firewall Task) & Computer Security Policy (Advance Defense+ task).

After that make sure to turn off your WINDOWS FIREWALL !

Hope it helps, it solve mine tho…