Comodo blocks my thumb nails in explorer

When I bring up My Pictures,I can not figure out how to give permission so that the icons/thumb nail pictures will load so that you can see what picture you need to drag and drop in to a application to do what ever with.All thumb nails and picture icons have been blocked.I assume by defense+.Can someone tell me how to set it so that this will work on my pc. When I load windows explorer I want to see my thumb nail pictures like I used to before I loaded CFP 3.0
Thanks to who ever helps!
PC specs - Vista home premium, Ser Pac 1,9600 Phenom Quad core processors 2.30 ghz , 1 ter byte HD

If you delete all you defense+ rules and restart, does it still happen?

hello your post is not clear

please elobarate what you see on desktop, my picture or in explorer from following a sqare block with X inside it or a file icon instea of thumnail.

if u r seeing file icons but not thumbnail then select large icon from views