Comodo blocks MediaPortal.....please help!

Hoping for some help here…have installed MediaPortal (Media Centre)…and Comodo appears to prevent/block TV Server…unless I disable Antivirus/Sandbox!! :cry:
(Which kind of defeats the point of having this software :slight_smile: )

I’m hoping that someone out there has some experience of this…or perhaps can point me towards a suitable setup guide

Thanks from the UK

The AV does detection and quarantine, unless it thinks MediaPortal is virus/trojan it shouldn’t interfere. Check the logs and see if anything of media ports was sandboxed. If it was recently installed you should run a rating scanning.

It shouldn’t quarantine unless the file hash matches a signature on the black list, i.e., known malware.

Check to see if there are ‘unrecognized’ files; move them - only those you recognize - to trusted-files.

COMODO is a trained computer-security-monkey. You are s’poda be the computer God.

Maybe the Cylons should be makin’ all the decisions.


Can you look in the Defense + logs and see if Media Portal gets sandboxed or otherwise flagged? Can you post a screenshot of the D+ logs?

Can you look in the AV logs and post a screenshot of them?