Comodo blocks firefox

I was able to use firefox with comodo firewall for about two weeks, but starting today, comodo blocks firefox. I have to turn Application control Rules off to get firefox working. I don’t see any blocked applications and firefox is explicitely allowed.

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Try deleting all entries of Firefox from the Comodo Firewall Application Monitor. Then try launching Firefox and allow it when Comodo asks you.

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i am currently having the same problem. so i removed all entries, and then restarted program. it asked if i would like to allow the application, and i clicked on allow. the entry showed up as an allowedd application in the applications list, however the logs show the application is still being blocked. so did it again, and restarted my computer, same results. the log says it is blocking TCP Out, but i clearly have TCP Out allowed in the applications list. can anybody help?

Try deleting the application control rules for firefox again, then in component monitoring either sort by company and delete all from mozilla (or just hilite everything and delete) then click apply. Then reboot. That should do it. Don’t worry if you see nothing in component monitor afterwards, they eventually reappear. I prefer deleting all in component monitoring incase somethings left after I uninstall an app.

What address is it trying to send OUT to? Would it be something like

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