Comodo blocks Firefox but allows IE?? Weird problem.


I searched for the answer in this forum but haven’t found it, yet, so I am posting in the hope that I’ll get a faster response. If anyone can provide a link or an answer, I would really appreciate it.

I am using XP + Firefox + Comodo v3.0. I am a new user.

When I load Firefox, Comodo pops up asking if I would allow svchost.exe to connect to on port 53 for DNS service. I tick remember my decision and allowed it, but then the same pop up goes up again and again, but Firefox stalling trying to get to and eventually can’t connect.

Tried the same thing with opera but no go.

Tried the same thing with Internet Explorer and that browser can get online. After IE gets online, Firefox and Opera also can get online.

After some time or a reboot, whichever comes first, the same problem would happen again and Firefox/Opera can no longer get online, and I have to use the IE trick or shut down Comodo.

I do notice that my router’s configuration page does not have my pc name listed even though it says it’s connected and shows an IP number.

Can anyone help show me how to get svchost.exe to get dns service?

I use Firefox all the time with Comodo and it works just fine. svchost isn’t part of Firefox but part of Windows. They are 2 separate programs. Make sure Firefox and Internet Explorer are set up as web browsers in the firewall rules. The D+ rules should be set to custom. You can put D+ in training mode and delete the Firefox entries. The launch Firefox and let Comodo learn it.

Thank you, vettetech. I think your solution is what I have been looking for. Removing the rules for Firefox and svchost.exe under “Network Security Policy” helped.

Just one more question, please, before I go hunt down a good tutorial on how to make make a secure set of rules for Comodo: is there an option to tell Comodo to block everything during pc startup? I think I saw that option earlier in the day but now can’t find it. I have been playing with this new firewall for the good part of four hours.

That option is applied already. If you want to block all incoming connections simply run the stealth port wizard and select “block all incoming connections”. First delete all your global rules and apply. read the help file also under miscellaneous.

Thanks again. I can see myself really liking this firewall. Too many features, but that’s better than a simple firewall with less control.