Comodo blocks Filezilla Server

Hi there,

I am in need of urgent assistance. I am running Filezilla Server on a computer with Comodo Internet Security 10 installed. I am trying to connect to it with another computer on the same Local Area Network.

After having just installed and set up Filezilla Server I cannot connect to it from the other PC and there is no firewall request popup from Comodo whatsoever. I still cannot connect even if Firewall is set to training mode. If I uninstall Comodo it works fine, so CIS is definitely the problem.

I believe the problem may lie with the global rules but am not certain. With older versions of Comodo I use to set Stealth Ports wizard to “Alert me to incoming connections and make my ports stealth on a per case basis.” That use to work for me, but there is nothing like that in CIS 10.

If someone could help me that would be fantastic. Please remember this is all just on LAN at the moment so there is no need for me to configure port forwarding in my router at this stage.


Yes you can still use the stealth ports wizard its in the same place under firewall task. Do note that even when you set to ask for incoming connections, v10 will not show an alert for trusted rated applications that want to receive an incoming connection. It will be automatically allowed. Hide PC Ports Using Stealth Ports Wizard | Internet Security Help

Thank you futuretech,

I couldn’t find the option since I wasn’t familiar with the new interface and yeah selecting “Alert Incoming Connections” solved my issue as I thought it would.
Once again, thank you.