Comodo blocks file sharing


I would need some help configuring file sharing.

In FW/Network Security Policy/Network Zones i have Local Area Network #1 IP
which is the Pc who have access to my pc.

If i disable Comodo the pc can access my pc, but if i enable it the ip is blocked in firewall events.

In Stealth Ports Wizard i defined it as trusted network.

What am i doing wrong? And why is it so complicated to authorize a simple connection?

Can you show me screenshots of your Global Rules and of the rule for System in Application Rules?

Thank you Eric!

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You have a lot of problems with your Applications rules and it’s difficult to understand your Global rules and how the different LAN identifiers relate to what you’re trying to do.

To start: Application Rules

  1. The System Process has been assigned the Default policy for a browser. This prevents NetBIOS, amongst other things. (This will be blocking your LAN traffic and hence file sharing)
  2. The rule for Svchost has a BLOCK IP IN from everywhere before a more specific ALLOW. The ALLOW rule will never be fire for Inbound connections
  3. You’ve kept the default rules for Windows System Applications, which amongst other things allows the system process and svchost full outbound communication, but because it’s below your custom rules, it will never be use for those services.

To start, you should decide if your want the default rules or if you want customised rules. At the very least, you need to modify, if not delete, the custom rules for svchost and system.

For Global rules, you’ll need to provide more information about the differences between land 1 and 2 as wel as why you have rules for specific nodes, which are probably covered by the more general rules. You also don’t need the loopback rules.

In addition, you don’t have any Glpbal rules for dealing with ICMP or your torrent client, but you do allow everything IN, which is not good.

Thank you Radaghast i removed svchost and system so it reasked me when wanted to connect and i
authorized it.

I also removed the two networks and its still working.

Thanks for the explanation.