Comodo Blocks Chat Room!

Hey guys, this will be my first thread. I’ve searched for similar threads about this but was unable to find any related topics.

I am part of a fan club which has its own chat room. Ever since I installed Comodo Firewall Pro 3, it hasn’t allowed me to enter this chat room. Now, the chat room itself has a url which is:

But you can only enter it if your a paid member to the fan club. I need to know how to add sites or URLs to a list so that they do NOT get blocked by Comodo. If anyone could PLEASE help me out with this problem it’d be greatly appreciated. I had to pay to get into the fan club and it would really suck if I wasn’t able to join the chat room because of an error on my part :cry: Thanks for reading!

Look at your Firewall>Common Tasks>View Firewall Events page for the blocked connection. Note the details, including the program that initiated the blocked connection attempt, the protocol, and the rest of the entries. I know nothing about the chat room process, but I would imagine that it must be doing something odd, like replying from another IP address or port to trigger the block. It may appear as an unsolicited incoming connection attempt. You will have to get the dotted IP address to identify the problem connection. Looking on, it shows - look at your logs for incoming connection attempts from that address or addresses in that range.