Comodo blocks Ant video downloader, why ?

So one more frustration is happening and I’m almost at the point of permanently ditching Comodo because it’s getting just too annoying to deal with.

Why can I go to but am not allowed to d/l Ant video downloader ?

I get this message " The page is blocked by COMODO Firewall"

and “Contact your system administrator”

Doesn’t matter if I am logged on as the System Administrator.

I never had this problem before the V7 update.

I can d/l it if I disable Comodo Firewall, but I want to know why and how to fix it without being a computer programmer, I’m getting too old for this nonsense.

I tested here and the link to the version for Internet Explorer was detected as ‘UnclassifiedMalware’, can be a false positive :-
The version for Firefox work here without problems.

Most likely.

The AV Comodo module isn’t used. ( CFW -5.10 ).
There are no problems here. ( IE, FF, CID ).

In 7 versions - disconnect web the filter.
Also see DNS Comodo.

I haven’t a clue what you mean

Why can I go to but am not allowed to d/l Ant video downloader ? I get this message " The page is blocked by COMODO Firewall"
As far as I understood this site doesn't work for you? Or what? If the site doesn't work, probably blocks Comodo DNS. Are you use DNS Comodo or your ISP? If you use DNS Comodo - Try to disconnect DNS Comodo

I can go to fine, but when I try to d/l Ant Video Downloader is when Comodo pops up the large message " The page is blocked by COMODO Firewall"

All other pages on the Ant site work fine.

I am using my ISP not DNS Comodo

Like I said previously, if I temporarily disable Comodo Firewall I can d/l the file, I just want to know why Comodo won’t allow it.

I guess I am just getting frustrated because lately, companies, like Comodo & Mozilla(firefox) make changes that break previous versions. >:-D

Thanks for your help though jenny66.

I so think - Because at you the cloud is included.

And only Comodo defines as - ‘UnclassifiedMalware’

It needs to be sent on
Edit: I sent.

P.S. For Firefox you need to resolve and add a site (control - protection - an exception)

Thanks Jenny66 :-TU

I never use addon toolbars like the Ant one, I just have the Ant video downloader addon in my Firefox toolbar.

Strange that Comodo doesn’t flag the Ant addon in Firefox, just the link on the Ant site.

I don’t use this addition. I can’t tell more precisely. It is necessary to look.

The download link on ( - Search and bookmark the web with!) that exists and that refers to the version of Firefox is:

[ ] *Verification of the link made ​​with VirusTotal and Webinspector

The page here works without problem and installation also works normally.
Try using this link to add the extension and see if it works.

At the moment the page may have been blocked because listed at Website Malware Scanner | Online Website Virus and Malware Scanner

If you believe that is a false positive, please report.

Note: Always check the source of the program you want to add as an extension or plugin in the browser and especially check their privacy policy.
In some cases they perform install unwanted components and modify the normal behavior of your browser. :slight_smile:


This is to inform you that false-positive has been fixed. You can update to AV database Version <18298> of Comodo Internet Security Version <7.0.317799.4142> and confirm it.

Thanks for that ( I guess ) but it still is blocked.

My program version is 7.0.317799.4142 and I am only using the Firewall, so I’m not sure how I would update the AV part.

I’m not worried about it now, I will just turn off Comodo Firewall temporarily if needed.

Thanks again for the help & also jhkmaster.