Comodo blocks all my Ip traffic even when disabled

I have recently tried to run Comodo in a fresh Windows installation connecting through WiFi to the Internet. The problem is Comodo is blocking all my traffic and I cannot even get my WLAN interface up.

I have tried allowing all IP traffic by placing rules on the top of the precedence lists and write matches to the log, but still Comodo is blocking it. For reference, the settings I have modified are:

  • Allow all ports All ports in and out)
  • Allow all traffic from all applications (Any origin, any destination)
  • Global rule to allow all traffic (Any origin, any destination, any protocol)

The only traffic I saw in the log was for the loopback address, but no traces of traffic generated by processes controlling the WLan interface.

I also tried setting the Firewall Security level to off, but it did not help either. But what I find most disturbing is that Comodo kept on blocking my traffic even after I had closed it (I even killed the cmdagent process to see if that made any difference). The only way to get Internet connectivity back is to uninstall Comodo.

I think I must be missing some very basic concept here. I tried the same installation in my laptop and got the same result, so it is not PC related. Does anyone have any ideas of what might be happening?

I would add that I am not familiar at all with Comodo, but I have been successfully using an old Sygate firewall with the same PC equipment for a few years and I never encountered any similar problems. I also have some long forgotten professional experience with iptables in Linux and access lists in backbone IP networks, but I still cannot find what the issue is with Comodo. >:(

Can you show us screenshots of the Global Rules (Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy), Firewall logs (Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events) and some of your application rules?

I attach here the requested information:

  • Global rules: Shows single rule to allow all IP traffic
  • Application rules: Shows rule to allow all IP traffic for any application
  • Event log: Only entries correspond to clicking “Repair interface” in my Wireless connection. I can for incoming traffic from my Wireless router (, and some traffic related to the default address.

As a reference, I also attach a log of my Sygate firewall (ConnectInterface.txt) taken right after clicking on the “Repair interface” icon.

I am currently using Windows XP updated to SP3.

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