comodo blocks all internet traffic

hi all, new to this forum and new to comodo :slight_smile: i installed comodo FW 3 yesterday and everything seemed to work for a few hours and then after a few minutes of inactivity when i opened IE6, it didnt connect to the internet. it kept on displaying a message at the lower left corner “finding site:” (my homepage).
When i move the Firewall security level to DISABLE, everything starts to work again. I then move the firewall security level back to SAFE MODE n everything runs fine for a few minutes and then comodo blocks every app from accessing the internet. its like it changes its mood and stops all internet activity.
i constantly have to move the slider from SAFE MODE to DISABLE to have internet access for a even a few minutes.

i am using windows xp sp2, nod32 as antivirus and IE 6 as my main browser

my comodo settings are:
firewall security level: safe mode
alert freq. level: medium (and all options checked)
defence + security level: safe mode
monitor settings: all options checked
attack detection settings: block fragmented ip datagrams CHECKED. all others UNCHECKED

plz help

First of all don’t use IE6. Use Firefox. Try making IE a web browser under the firewall policy and be sure NOD32 is set to trusted. What other security are you using? IE is a while listed program and is auto trusted by Comodo.

Hello, Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
Vette is right, Firefox is a much safer browser to use.

Can you please go to Comodo → Firewall → Events. If anything is being blocked, Please post a screen shot.

thanx for the reply :). its not just the I.E that is blocked. everything is denied access to the internet… msn messenger, yahoo msgr, netscape, google msgr… everything.
i’ll try firefox n then report back but i doubt it will fix my problem coz the problem is with comodo, not the IE.
firewall is blocking windows operating system… hmmmm… here’s the screen shot

plz tell me if there’s nyother info u need
thanx for ur help

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From your snap the blocking is occuring on incoming connections odd anything which has a outgoing is not normally blocked.

That screen shot is normal.Are you behind a router?

Under my network zones there should be these;
Local area Network #1

I am guessing you don’t have them there, So please do this

Comodo → Firewall → my network zones → Add → a new network → Local area Network #1.
Right click; Local area Network #1 → Add ->Ip Address Mask; / Click Apply

Comodo → Fire wall my network zones → Add → a new network → Loopback Zone
Right click; Loopback Zone → Add → Ip Address Mask; / Click Apply

I hope this helps you :slight_smile:

yes i am using shiro 8059 router but i’ve forwarded all the ports that need to be… e.g utorrent, azeurus, limewire… all are forwarded correctly. i know this coz i didn’t have this problem before.
even now i had to turn the ‘firewall security level’ to DISABLED to access this forum :frowning:

i already have the settings u mentioned. i renamed my local area network to ptcl… pic attached.

i’ve played with all the controls that i could understand n some options that i didn’t understand but no luck :(…
lemme try reinstalling comodo. lets c wat happens. will get back at u guys.

in the mean time… any other suggestions are most welcome.

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