Comodo blocking Yahoo Mail and some images???? [Resolved]

Comodo is giving me fits lol. It is blocking my yahoo mail to where I can’t access it at all. Also it is blocking some images on webpages for example Anybody know how to fix this??? (:SAD)


I have not had such an issue with Comodo Firewall blocking yahoo so far. What happens when you set Comodo to “Allow All”? What browser are you using? Do you have a popup blocker on?

It is doing this on both FF and IE and they are both on allow all.

Here is what the log is saying.

Description: Outbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, ICMP=PORT UNREACHABLE)
Reason: Network Control Rule ID =5

Also whenever I turn off everything except Network monitor all works fine.


If Comodo firewall is set to allow all and it is still happening in both Firefox and IE, then I do not believe this is a Comodo issue, however just to be sure, right click on the firewall tray icon then click Exit, this will completely close the firewall, you will be unprotected by Comodo for a few minutes (at the most), while doing this I recommend keeping your antivirus software enabled so you are still protected. Now when Comodo is closed see if the issue is still occuring. If it is then this is not a Comodo issue, if it is not then this is a Comodo issue and we will need to find a fix. When you are done please start Comodo Firewall again and post your results back here.

Whenever I disable it, all works fine. One thing that might be noteworthy is I am using the yahoo beta mail.

I am also using the latest Comodo firewall beta.


Well if that is the case then it is most certainly an issue with Comodo, are you getting any alerts at all? What are your network rules?

It was in learning mode. With alerts set to low. Although I did set it on High just to see and there was no alerts on either one. Disabling everything but networking monitor always allowed everything to work again.

Edit: Reverting back to version 2.3.6(which I downloaded off the front page of your website) seems to be working fine.


Glad to see you were able to resolve your issue, you may wish to post this in the Firewall beta corner so they can fix this issue before release of the new version. I will go ahead and mark this topic as [Resolved].