Comodo blocking webpages ?


Well, I don’t know what to think but I can’t visit a particular webpage:
Whatever I do it’s unavailable both in Firefox and Internet Explorer. I tried disabling Comodo and it doesn’t work.

In my Virtual Machine where Comodo is not installed it is working. Does it have any relation with Comodo ?

I wouldn’t say so.
I have latest CFP and that site works for me. CFP does not block web sites AFAIK.
It is more probable, that it is blocked by some ad- or spy-blocker (maybe it’s blacklisted in your hosts file???)
What other security software are you using?

It works fine for me too. And as far as I know, CFP 3 won’t block a single website, unless you tell it to do so. There’s no built-in IP-blocking filter. It might’ve been temporairly unavailable for a few minutes or something. If it works on your virtual machine, it should work on your computer, as CFP 3 will control the traffic of your virtual machine too.


Site works for me. Comodo doesn’t have a web shield and therefore its not Comodo causing the problem. What are you using for an AV?

Well I’ll be… it’s not working for me either! Site’s up eh? I’ve noticed places I visit like deviantart or gbatemp or any site, that if I hang around them for a day or two at some point I’ll start getting CONNECTION INTERRUPTED messages from Firefox 3 and IE can’t connect either. If I use a proxy it will work, and the only solution I have is resetting the network adapter.

The site works buts its slow to load. Happens on both my pc’s but its unrelated to Comodo.

Hey I had the same problem, it shut down all my Internet connection today suddenly & if I disabled the firewall it was working. After I reinstalled comodo it worked again. Well for now…