Comodo Blocking Web Pages After Denying Leak Test

Hello Everyone (:HUG) I just downloaded the New Version of Comodo Firewall Today, and I went to to test stealth settings and leak test etc… I was reading in another post that Comodo now fully passes pcflank leaktest. Not true in my case, I enter the string to be transmitted by the leaktest, and before Comodo can pop up a alert, it tells me that your firewall failed the test. When I click on open browser in the test, it then pops up asking me to allow or deny iexplorer.exe If I click deny it will block the page that is trying to open, however, from that moment on after that, whenever I click on I.E7 to view a web page it blocks it! I cant view any pages untill I remove it from application control, or shut down Comodo. How do I get the pcflank leak test box to tell me I have passed the test like what solo mentioned in his post, and how can I view pages again?. One other thing is Windows Security Center is saying I have no firewall enabled?? Please Elaborate, I’m totally confused and need to know if Comodo is indeed satisfactory for my general day to day needs.

Thanks “5150”

The Pc-flank leaktest is always telling you that your firewall has failed…
Try to unplug your computer from the net, and it will still tell you that you failed…
If you get a popup, your firewall has detected the leak, and your firewall is protecting you.
Your webbrowser will loose connection, and it’s normal. Don’t tick the remember box when you run leaktests. The next time you run your webbrowser, just click allow without remembering, and it works again. If you have remebered the block, you have to go in to your firewall and allow it again.
Just for you :wink: i went in to security center to check if i had a firewall enabled, and it told that i had, so i don’t really know why your isn’t…
Personally i have turned off that thing, because i know if i have a firewall or antivirus installed on my computer… :wink:
You can search the forum for security center problems, and you will probably find some solution.
Hope this helps.

I like your graphic AOWL…really cool and interesting concept to present the security products like that.


I like his graphic too! I noticed that by clicking on his graphic, I can download a copy of the Comodo Set up file. Is it supposed to do that?

Thank you Melih!
I have now changed it… a bit more “slimmer” so it won’t take up to much room in the forum… :wink:
I made a html too, so it worked with overstate, linked to every product and so on, but you can’t have it in your sig… :cry:
I tried though. ;D

Thank you!
Yes, it was linked to the firewall download. Not now, but may put it back. ::slight_smile: