Comodo Blocking uTorrent Website???!!!

WTF is this ■■■■???!!!

The page is blocked by COMODO Firewall.
Contact your system administrator.

I have ZERO website rules enabled for Comodo.

This sort of ■■■■ is going WAY too far … !


Ok, just saw the other post on this.

Didn’t even realize Website Filtering was on … :frowning:;new#new

@zbc - no, it had nothing to do with AV, it was the Website Filtering …

Maybe Comodo mistrusts Limelight Networks as much as I do. I couldn’t get to the site that you posted. After unblocking some DNS server addresses, and, I got to the site. I can see why some images may be blocked, but not the whole site.
I’m going to guess that you are using Comodo’s DNS servers. If this turns out to be your problem, then I’m a bit surprised that Comodo is so aggressive in blocking Limelight Networks.

Can you get to “”? If you can, then I am totally off-track, and would seem to indicate that web-blocking is blocking the whole site, not just the images.

yes, I can get to the main website just fine.

If you were able to connect, you would be these further connections:

As you can see, there are lines that a web-filtering program could block: smartbanner, promos, plusAd, mobileAd. It seems to me CIS is blocking the site, not just the bad url’s.

I known.