Comodo Blocking Useful Programs

I’m often getting Defense+ events because of programs I use like Spybot - S&D, Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware. and CCleaner. Comodo appears to be restricting these program’s actions. Comodo will not let Spybot rid of tracker files or CCleaner clean the registry. It’s very aggrevating. I do have the program’s “Treat Program As…” set to have full access but they still can’t get through. If you can remedy this problem, please let me know.

Help would be appriciated!

When I was using version 3.13 I would get an occasional alert for Spybot and that only happened when you first use it. Then the only alert I would ever get for Avast was to give it permission to update and the same goes for malwarebytes. However, upon performing my first system scan with malwarebytes I got a lot of defense+ alerts.

Ironic thing in regard to your dilemma is that now that I am using version 3.14 I have not gotten any alerts whatsoever on any of those products you have mentioned. Not one firewall or defense+ alerts but I was told it was due to them being on the whitelist.

Anyways what version of comodo are you even using? I’m not on the current version but who knows maybe I know what I’m talking about. What is your defense+ setting set to? I have mine on “safe”.

If anything I would say if anything to make sure your defense+ setting is set to safe mode. After that go to defense+ then advanced and then go to computer policy and delete those programs you mentioned from the list. After that run them and then select the appropriate action when the defense+ alerts you and then all should be automatic I guess.