comodo blocking texmaker/matlab/miktex/javac

hello everyone,
i recently completely reinstalled windows 7 on my computer because i had a new ssd. now whenever i try to save or overwrite a file with one of the programs texmaker/matlab/miktex/javac/notepad++ i get the error message that they do not have the permissiont to do so. it works as long as i start the program “as administrator” (even though my account is set as administrator), i also disabled uac from windows and set ‘run always as administrator’ to all the exe’s i could find. but when i use e.g. texmaker or use a batchfile to compile java programs, the programs which write on the disk are not started by myself but by the batch/texmaker and the error will show up again. this is even the case when i set exceptions to all the programs in the antivirus settings. as long as i do not boot with comodo, everything works fine.
(this applies to files i have on the desktop or on its subdirectories)
can anyone help me?

You need to give texmaker and the batch file the Installer/Updater policy or Windows System Application policy in Active HIPS rules. These two policies will allow siblings from texmaker and the batch file to be executed without asking the user.

If you are using the default Internet Security configuration you will need enable the HIPS in HIPS behaviour settings.