Comodo blocking safe website [Resolved]

When I go to

and go to the gallery (more button top), none of the thumbs show up in Opera or Firefox (though they do in IE).

The thumbs are hosted on a site -

Which Firefox and Opera are blocked from


03/01/2009 02:54:01 C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe Blocked TCP 53007 81

It happens on few sites (forcing me to use IE), how can i change the settings?

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I don’t have this problem on Opera 9.63, so it seems that you need to create an appropriate firewall rule if you haven’t already for your 2 browsers:
in the GUI > Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy > Add > Select and browse either browser .exe file (or the other method like in the Running Process if you have them running) > Select “Use a Predefined Policy” of “Web Browser” > Click Apply twice.

You don’t have to do it this way, but that’s just one recommend way.

Both already set to web browser (predefined).

Would it be because the site is using port 81?

I can’t even access, but I have no problems the URL in your first post re: gallery thumbs at the top. Yes, it means that site uses port 81. The default Web Browser predefined rule doesn’t include it, so you can add that port if you wish by modifying the Predefined rule.

This is what I see from Opera’s end:

You tried to access the address, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the Web address (URL) is correctly spelled and punctuated, then try reloading the page. Make sure your Internet connection is active and check whether other applications that rely on the same connection are working.

Better yet, you can modify the predefined ports in Firewall > Common Tasks > My Port Sets and add port 81 under HTTP Ports. Be wary of web sites that use port numbers out of the preset rules by Comodo…

Already figured it out thanks.

btw, didn’t mean I couldn’t see the thumbs at the top, couldn’t see the actual gallery thumbs

I see what you mean now that I’m using another PC :D.

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