Comodo blocking QuickBooks [Resolved]

An associate has reported that after installing Comodo Firewall, her QuickBooks now reports that it cannot find certain files. The database files associated with their QuickBooks installation are stored on an NT4 server and I think those are the files that her workstation installation of QuickBooks cannot find.

The QuickBooks version they use is: Multi User Accounting 2007-08.

She looked in the Comodo Applications Monitor for any blocked applications and there are none.

If she disables Comodo Firewall, QuickBooks is okay again.

What should they do to get around this problem?


Locate the QuickBooks application is the Application Control rules menu and double click it. Then checkmark the “Allow all activities for this application” radio button.

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If QB’s db files are on a server rather than the local machine she’s working on, you have to create a trusted network for Comodo, so that there are appropriate network monitor rules to allow traffic to/from the server & local machine.

Go to Security/Tasks/Create a Zone. Give it a name, and assign an IP range (or leave it to the default, which will be the entire subnet).

Then go to Security/Tasks/Define a New Trusted Network. Use the Zone you just created.

This will place two rule at the top of Network Monitor (positions ID 0 & 1). The first will Allow IP Out from Any to Zone; the second will Allow IP In from Zone to Any. This will free up the path of communication across the network.

To make sure the temporary memory is cleared out and the new rules set, please reboot the computer.

That should take care of it for you.


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(:CLP) Many thanks LM – that did the trick.

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