Comodo blocking my internet after update 3.13


After updating to ver. 3.13, in 2 days it has blocked my internet connection twice. I suddenly cannot browse the web. I minimize all windows, comodo comes up that it has detected a new network with a 169 IP address. To my understanding, 169 IP address is when the modem is unable to connect to the ISP to get an a proper IP address

I look n the taskbar under network connections. They network icon has a yellow triangle that cannot find network access…

At first I uninstalled comodo & restart - boom, connection is back. I re-installed with the latest version instead of updating to it, I entered my connection name that I wanted under my ISP IP address connection. Today this morning, I did the same thing again by blocking it

This time, I was able to get around it by putting comodo under disabled. I then turn off/turn on modem & now working. I have since put it back to safe mode

Has anyone else had this kind of problems or is just me?

I’ve got win 7 64bit. Comodo with defense+ max. I also have AVG 9 anti-virus


Hi Hennerst3

Have you ran Stealth Ports Wizard ever?
Seems like it’s blocking DHCP requests… can you check the firewall log’s for blocks on ports UDP 67 and 68?

If so please check this post to fix this:

Hi Ronny,

Thanks for teh quick response

I don’t know what stealth ports is? If I don’t know what it is, then I guess I haven’t used it. I have only made one change that I know to a port which is to allow some of my games to run online (which I had to add in the port number via the modem setup) But I’ve had that running for well since ever I’ve had comodo for a few years now & no problems there…

No problem, then we’ll start with having a look at the firewall logging to see if anything is blocked…
Can you open the log, Firewall, “View Firewall Events” and then look for

Source or Destination ports 67 and/or 68

See if that shows up, if not you can also press the “More” button on the bottom of the viewer to go further back in time…