comodo blocking links in email


I’ve got a weird thing happening and I think it’s Comodo Firewall-related. I can’t open any links in emails that I receive. I click on a link in an email and nothing happens. Is there any way that Comodo firewall is blocking this? I use Mozilla Firefox as my email client.

Mozilla Firefox is not a mail client (it is called either Seamonkey or Thunderbird).

The behavior is not always related to the firewall, but sometimes to the system files settings for the url extension: check if pasting one of these urls in an empty firefox window works.

Sorry, I meant to say Thunderbird. That’s where I was having problems. Like I said, I’m not sure it’s a comodo problem, but I didn’t have the problem before I started using comodo.

I can’t help you with cis 4 sandboxing and automatically trust/deny rules (i use cis v3).

My “politics” is to wipe whatever trusted vendor of the list, and set cis to proactive, firewall custom, defense+ paranoid.

Under this mode, cis does not “auto-learn” (apparently bad) but asks you for what rules you (and not cis) intend to apply.

I haven’t used Seamonkey and/or Thunderbird for years, but there are on the web documented problems about Thunderbird 3.x settings, altough they should not concern following a link, but plain connexion (the problems seem to be related to ssl and passwords).

For what we are concerned with, the firewall should not be the issue, and even if it is, it is easy to trace: log every blocking rule.

I believe it to be more a defense+ issue, and it is somewhat more difficult: you have to check every defense+ rule until you find the one blocking Thunderbird.

It’s okay now… I fixed it.

I know it’s inelegant, but I just uninstalled comodo and reinstalled. Everything works as it should now. Thanks guys.