Comodo blocking Left for Dead 2 on Windows 7

I have Windows 7 and want to play Steam’s L4D2, but Comodo is blocking it from accessing the internet, which convinced L4D2 that Steam isn’t running, so it crashes. I’ve set it correctly to be a Trusted Application, but it doesn’t work.

Anyone have any clues for me?

Looks like you will have to try uninstalling Comodo then.

I use a lot of Steam games, and had all kinds of issues with the new Comodo version, uninstalling solves all the problems and I’m currently using the Win 7 firewall until ( hopefully ) Comodo releases a new version.

Is it blocking incoming or outgoing traffic?

Since I installed the very latest version I haven’t had the various problems I was having.

I did install one new game the other day and my machine locked up, so after the reboot, I put Comodo in Games mode and it ran fine.

After that I put Comodo back into Safe mode and this time the game ran fine.

So it seems Comodo was blocking at first and not showing.

I’ve been a lot happier since the latest version was released !